Shopify Careers


At Shopify, I was placed in Growth & Marketing on a team that had just begun a complete overhaul of the Careers site. The internship consisted of 3 4-week rotations on 3 different teams. This was the first rotation. 



The Why

Past interns site was a hack-a-thon project and shipped rather quickly. Even though it's the most popular page on the Careers site, many students and interns do not use it to acquire information or apply. 

Conduct user research to determine what users want out of an intern career portal. Take those learnings to create the foundations of a redesign that also aligns with the future vision of Shopify Careers.

Research, Research, Research

See the old interns site here. With little context, it was important to audit the current site and to conduct user research! I started with a fresh look at why current/possible interns were interested in Shopify and what they thought of the current site.

I spoke to current interns, past interns, potential interns (students). I also spoke to people involved in the hiring process such as recruiters, the Director of Talent Acquisition, and the Intern Program Lead. I created a document and presented it to stakeholders. 

Desktop HD.png

I audited the content structure of the old site. Using insights and thoughts gathered, I created potential hierarchies of content for a new direction.


This wireframe presents the mid-level information hierarchy devised from user research. We used this to gain feedback and further insights on the new content structure. Once again, I presented to all stakeholders involved. I handed off the work so far to the team and started the next rotation of my internship. 


Learnings and Opportunities

Thanks to my mentor and lead, Kyle, for all the support! :) 

Thanks to my mentor and lead, Kyle, for all the support! :) 

I loved this project because, as an intern, it was so relevant and close to me! I was able to learn a lot in the quick 4-week rotation. 

  • Research informs everything!
    • It was important not to start off too high-fidelity
    • Gather insights from as many people as possible
  • Iterate a lot
    • Exploring the careers site in lots of different ways to become comfortable with my choices
  • Present and take feedback
    • I was able to present to lots of different people, all of differing levels of seniority 
    • Integrating feedback into future iterations